Frequently Asked Questions


Can I donate materials to send over?

We currently are not taking material donations. We chose to purchase the materials for the packs locally in Kenya so that we can save money on shipping, prevent them from having to pay taxes  on the goods, and to support the local Kenyan economy. If we make a trip over and are able to take donations with us in a suitcase, we will let you know!

Who buys the materials and delivers them to the mothers?

We are working closely with the Matibabu Foundation located out of Kenya. Members of the foundation use money we raise to purchase the materials and deliver them directly to the hospitals to be given to the mothers. 100% of the money raised is used to buy these packs for the mothers.

Are these packs only for mothers in Kenya?

We are currently serving the Western Kenya area, but have hopes to grow to expand to all of Kenya and eventually other countries!

Are there other ways I can help?

Yes! We are always looking for help. We invite you to join our facebook group, "Volunteers of Mama Packs for Kenya", which you can find on our Facebook page